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CHIP electronic successful introduction of Germany DRAGO brand

We focused on the Chinese market, always pay attention to the development of the industry trends, research and development of market shortage of high, new, difficult to type transmitter, for the majority of users to provide the most cost-effective high, mid-range automation products. To accelerate international and domestic industrial automation products of high technology introduction and integration, sustainable development. Has been the successful introduction of the Chinese famous brand DRAGO series of advanced instrumentation products. Efforts for China's enterprises to provide high-quality products and services integration.

As the German signal isolation of well-known brands, since 2002, DRAGO began to industrial automation development and production of the latest high-quality signal converter. With the DRAGO products of high transmission accuracy, high reliability and design of green environmental protection performance characteristics, DRAGO has led the development of the field of interface technology.

According to the global customers different needs, in modern quality management innovation and technical guidance and precision manufacturing, DRAGO R & D and production of a high functional series,6 mm series, embedded simulation series, mini buckle series, alarm device, signal conditioning products, and far more than other similar products.

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