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The establishment of Wuhan Branch of CHIP electronic company

Wuhan branch of CHIP Electronic Technology Company was established on 28th, April, 2007, which was the significant move to open up national market and marked that CHIP has preliminary finished the market arrangement for Yangtze River Delta area. Before this, CHIP had founded Branch Company in Gansu Province and Anhui Province..

As one of the cities with most economic vitality, wuhan had a more developed economy environment and the industrialization level also was second to none. What was more; it was the strategy of the Yangtze River delta city and played a very important role in industrial automation. The establishment of a branch, not only can further promote the application of products in industrial automation control field in the Yangtze river delta, but also provided more quickly, careful and thoughtful service for this area and be helpful for absorbing all kinds of talents to join. In a word, the establishment of HUBEI branch further enhanced the status of CHIP as a top-ranking domestic electronic industrial automation control enterprise.

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