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Beijing Weishengxinyi technology limited company through the national identification of high-tech enterprises

In the recently concluded national high-tech enterprises in Beijing Weishengxinyi, limited company of science and technology through the identification of high-tech enterprises management work leading group office to review, to become the city of Beijing science and Technology Department, finance department, State Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau finds that the Beijing city national high-tech enterprises. Can smoothly through the new provisions of the new technology enterprises, Beijing koremori independent innovation organization and system innovation achievement transformation is complete, fast, economic benefits is obvious, technological innovation comprehensive strength increases significantly, also marks the company has technology pilot enterprises was an important step.

The national high-tech enterprises, China is introduced and implemented" high-tech enterprises that management approach" after the identification of high-tech enterprises. " Approach" was first introduced in third party review, and a number of new standard of cognizance, new approaches from the core of their own intellectual property rights, product technical field, proportion of scientific and technical personnel, R & D investment, hi-tech product income proportion and R & D management level in six aspects such as the declaration of high-tech enterprises to set up a strict rigid index. With the core of independent intellectual property rights and sustainable technology innovation of high-tech enterprises, will be the key support of the state.

As a high-tech enterprises in Beijing recognized by the high-tech enterprises, Beijing Weishengxinyi has always attached great importance to independent innovation, enterprises since its inception has clearly set up science and technology innovation development strategy, and " innovation casts the vitality" as the core enterprise culture concept. Company special emphasis on enterprise technology R & D organization construction, strengthen cooperation, attaches importance to the introduction of talent, pay great attention to intellectual property declaration and protection, scientific and technological innovation to promote enterprise fast development, the company now has300 national patents and30a number of software copyright registration. The company independent research and development of products won several national, provincial, Ministry rewards, a number of projects by the relevant departments of the State Council and Beijing included in the focus of the project.

According to the" enterprise income tax law" provisions, was identified as state-level high-tech enterprises, the enterprise income tax from the conventional enterprises fell to 25% in15%; scientific and technological R & D investment will also receive technology development fee of 150% plus any concessions, which for the enterprise to deal with the financial crisis, achieve sustainable development to provide the most direct support.

In the future, Beijing Wei Sheng will continue to be based on the independent core technology, market demand and business development as the guide, with the key core technology as the support, play an integral comprehensive advantages, and actively committed to the industrial automation and control technology development, to provide customers with excellent products and quality services, to promote China's industrial automation and control industry better faster development.

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