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Beijing Weishengxinyi technology limited company of products through the CE certification

Recently, limited company of science and technology of Beijing Weishengxinyi isolators, product passed the CE certification, Beijing Wei Sheng become the instrumentation industry is one of the few through CE certification one of the enterprises. CE certification is made in China products to enter the European Union and the European Free Trade Association, member of the pass of the market, its products from the design, technology, manufacturing, management system has very strict requirements, the adoption of CE certification for Beijing koremori and further develop overseas markets laid the foundation.

CE certification is the result of past EC countries on the import and sale of product requirements vary, according to the national standard for manufactured goods to other countries may not listed, as the elimination of trade barriers are part of an effort to emerge as the times require. Therefore, CE certification on behalf of the European unification ( CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE ). CE certification mark significance lies in: CE certification acronym for symbol affixed CE certification logo products meet the European Directive concerning essential requirements ( Essential Requirements ), and to confirm that the product has been approved by the appropriate conformity assessment procedure and / or the manufacturer's declaration of conformity, truly become the product is allowed to enter the EC market sales permit. Directive on affixed CE certification of industrial products, no CE certification mark, may not be listed for sale, have affixed CE certification logo products into the market, discover not meeting the requirements of safety, shall be ordered to withdraw from the market, continuing violation of instructions regarding CE certification marks the provisions, will be restricted or prohibited from entering the EU market or forced to withdraw from the market.

Beijing Sheng has been to expand the international market, especially in Europe and the United States market as an important strategic development of the company, the company's products through the CE certification that koremori isolator products both from the design, technology, manufacturing, management or safety, health, environmental and consumer protection are in line with EU in a series of European directives to express requirements, it will be koremori products to enter the European market permits. In recent years, Beijing Wei Sheng 's products focus on technological innovation, the company produced a series of instrument has a beautiful appearance design, smart technology, fully automatic SMT production, strong electromagnetic interference resistance, long working hours, low temperature drift, precision measurement and control, comprehensive function of software products to achieve super price, Europe and the United States product quality, praised by customers, after the listing of products in short supply.

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