Digital meter Sales Manager
Senior Sales Manager
Sales Director
Sales Representative
Personnel manager

Ø Digital display table sales manager:

Job responsibilities

1, the company responsible for the digital meter field sales promotion main goals and plans;

2, formulate, participate in or assist in the implementation of related policies and system;

3, responsible for the sales operation, including the planning, organization, control over the progress and review;

4, set the digital form product sales target, sales model, sales strategies, sales budget;

5, according to a plan to achieve sales target.


1, college degree or above, instrumentation, marketing and other related professional graduates;

2, more than 3 years working experience with digital display meter industry, sales management experience is preferred;

3, has a wealth of customer resources and customer relations, outstanding performance;

4, with a strong market analysis, marketing, promotion ability and good interpersonal communication, coordination, analysis and problem-solving abilities;

5, have stronger enterprise;

6, adapt to long-term business.

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